Interesting Incident

When I was in Indore for engineering study, I live in a flat with friends. There was a sardar family lived at the first floor. I don’t remember exact surname but it was either Khurana or Khanuja. There were four people in that family; Mother, father and their two sons.  Both sons were of same age as ours. They were studied in Maharaja Ranjeet Singh College. They generally met me on stairs or gully, and I shared hi-hello relationship with them. Both brothers looked like same and I was always confused to identify who is elder and who is younger one. One more thing I observed about them is that behavior of these sardar brothers is very unpredictable. Sometimes when I met to a brother, he smiled at me and talked in very friendly manner and sometimes he just passed like he doesn’t know me. (Although I was not sure whether I met same brother againJ)

One day this sardar family was going to a wedding ceremony. On that day first time, I got a chance to see all the members of this family altogether .When they were sitting in the car, I saw three sardar boys sit on the back seat. I asked to our maintenance uncle (who looked maintenance of apartment), “Who is that third guy?” I was tried to resolve the confusion with uncle; at the same time I heard voice of an  old lady, sit on the front seat of car (looks like their dadi or nani) “aaj to tino bade ban than ke nikale hain “. All the sensors of my mind were blocked and I was surprised plus shocked, when uncle told me that, they are three brothers rather than two. I lived at that place from around six months, and this thing never strikes in my mind that, they might be three brothers. I had no words to say about my intelligence at that moment. I just laughed at myself and my understanding, and again confused, with whom brother I talked and whom I didn’t.

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