An angel in my childhood memories

I don’t know, which Hindi song I crooned first time in my life. I even don’t know which Hindi movie I watched first time in life. But yeah, I still remember the first lady, whom I started to identify on silver screen. Yes, she was Juhi Chawala . I was about eight or nine year old at that time. Juhi was the favourite actress of my sister, who is three year older than me. This was our favourite time pass point to peeve my elder sister at that time. I along with my mosi , criticise Juhi in front of my sister. We gave some very special names to Juhi like Sade Chawal, Badboodar Juhi ka fool etc. We disparaged her acting skill, her dressing scenes and her looks. We always tried to prove that Juhi was a very ugly and worst actress of Bollywood with our self-constructed comments, and nonsense logics. We laughed at her smile, and said that, it seems Juhi is escaped from a mental hospital, when she laughed. These all points are enough to irritate my sister. At first level, she tried to prove her point by verbal counterattack. She describes Juhi as most beautiful lady on the earth; compared her acting skills with great Madhubala. She also gave the reference of news in newspaper, and television about Juhi’s acting skill and beauty. But mostly we all are one side, and my sister was the only one in the favour of Juhi. That’s why her counterattack didn’t help her for a long time. So at next level, she started shouting on us, warned us that don’t say anything about Juhi. But we are not the person to be stopped easily. Finally she started crying loudly, and we get away from there because now we have to listen my mother’s tick off. After that my mother coaxed to my sister and resolved the situation. And next day, the same story repeated again.

Those childhood days gone and we became mature now. But those memories remain in my heart. And due to that memory, Juhi Chawla is my all-time favourite heroine. Her career may go up and down, but my childhood memories always bind me with her; and presented her a special place in my memories.

No doubt, she was very beautiful heroine of her time. I even don’t doubt her acting skills. But the thing that connected me to her is her gorgeous smile. It looks too fresh, too natural. When she smiles, it seems that all happiness brings in her soul. Her smiling face capture in viewer eye for a long time, and it fills soul with amazing happiness and, joy when one visualize that picture. Yeah, icing on the cake is the voice generated when she laughs. Her voice totally reflects her internal happiness.  Her voice while laughing seems like a laugh of a child, when he looks his favourite cartoon character or when he gets his favourite toy. Her voice act as a medium, which transfers her happiness and joy directly into the heart of viewer.

Juhi Chawla was born on 13th November 1967 in Ludhiana, Punjab. She won Ms India crown in the year 1984. She made debut in Bollywood with Saltanat. She got stardom by Quyamat se Quazamat tak. In this movie, she looks very nice and attractive. Her acting was quite natural. Her chemistry with Aamir was fabulous. I still remembered I was very disappointed with the end of this movie. I watched this movie in the age of 11 years and I was very sad and almost about to weep when Juhi died in the climax. I like Juhi’s beauty and acting both; but I just love her comic timing. No one forget her charisma in classic Ham hain rahi pyar ke . She acted and behaved almost like a child with three children in this movie. She looked so cute and charming in this movie. And yes her comedy and the way she speaks dialogue with full of fun in this movie, are fantastic. I also like her simple innocent look in the movie Raju ban gaya gentleman. She created magic in Gav ki gauri role in the movie Bol Radha Bol. In this movie she did comedy, romance and drama everything. She was at her best in the movie Darr. It’s her comic timing and beauty which leaves its mark in the movie “Deewana Mastana”, in which she shared screen with two great actors Anil Kapoor and Govinda. Ishq is the movie in which she makes audience laugh with her childish laugh, and comic dialogue deliveries. I would also like to mention her fabulous Bihari dialogues delivery in the movie “ Aaamdani athanni aur Kharcha Rupaiya.” Her comedy was also fabulous in the movie “Mr. and Mrs Khiladi”

On serious shade also, she made her mark with the movie like Sajan ka Ghar, teen deewarein and My friend Nikhil. She acted almost all the heroes of her time but I like her to pair up with Sharukh Khan. Whenever this pair came on silver screen, it created magic. Especially in the comedy scenes of this pair, you can’t stop yourself laughing by chemistry between this duo.  If you don’t believe me, than take a look on the movie like “ Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman”, “Yes Boss”, “Duplicate” , “Phir bhi dil hain Hindustani “ and “ One two ka four .“

Now she did lesser number of films. But she showed her presence in Bollywood with the movie like Jhankar Beats, Bas Ek Pal, Sadhe sat phere, Kismat connection , salam-e-ishq, Krazzy 4 and luck by chance. She still looks very beautiful in her forties. Recently, I watched her movie Bhootnath, in which she did the role of the mother of a boy. She behaved like a child with her child in this movie. Its good to see her childish laugh, gorgeous smile, delightful dialogue delivery and superb comic timings still exist in her. She also looked in the various ads of Kurkure in television these days. She again looked very naughty and with her special comic treatment in these ads.

Today also whenever I see Juhi with her gorgeous smile in TV, movie or newspaper, all those sweet childhood moments twinkles in my eyes. People may recall her kkkkk………….kiran of the movie Darr, but I always remember her as an angel, who blossomed my childhood memories with her gorgeous smile, full of fun laugh and fabulous comic treatment.  There is a line in the famous song “मैं कोई ऐसा गीत गाऊ” of the movie Yes Boss like “सुनोगे क्या मेरी जुबानी, तुम एक परी की दास्तान……………….”, May be Shahrukh failed, but I already narrated the story of that angel, who appeared in yellow dress in this song. I wish to God that this angel will remain happy, prosperous and smiley ( Just like she appeared in movies)in her life. So Good luck……………….Juhi Aunty……………

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