Two Eyes @ My Life

How many eyes do you have? What a stupid question is this. Everyone knows that a normal human being has two eyes. Yes, like a normal human being I also have two eyes. But my eyes are different i.e. vision of one eye is different from other. Now, you will think that I am a cross eyed. No, I am not, but surely my one eye has different vision from other. Let me explain the vision of both the eye

Left eye –

  • This eye is extremely positive thinker. It always looks for positive qualities of every one. Whatever is the situation; it doesn’t lose hope, and also shows me a new ray of hope. It totally believe in all is well principle. Sometime I get disappointed with the harsh situation and suddenly I  observed that miracle happens and everything become well; and credit goes to this eye which consistently shows me the ray of hope in worse to worse condition and fill me with full of positive aspirations.
  • This eye shows me dreams. And also motivate me to fulfil those dreams. It also gives me power to take risky decision on the way to fulfil dreams. In short, this eye also make me courageous person. Courage to listen heart; courage to fulfil dreams, courage to take a decision.
  • This eye shows me to make trust; trust in myself; trust in friend and colleague; trust in people around me. This eye makes me believe in my own capability. This eye also shows me to trust other. Due to such vision of this eye, I always make some good trustable and loyal friends, wherever I go.
  • This eye also make me social and trustable person in other’s view. It motivates me to help the people around me. It shows me to respect the people; value the people around me. Due to this vision, I always find myself humble and honest in other’s eye. (I don’t know what other people say on this, but this is what I observed J )
  • This eye is confidence booster for me; a lifeline for me. It motivates me to fulfil my dreams. I don’t know, what this eye sees in me, but it completely believes me and my capability. And the belief of this eye, always boost my confidence. Due to the belief of this eye, I find the way or direction in worse to worse condition. Additionally, this eye also keeps me cool, calm and relax when I am disappointed, annoyed or angry.
  • This eye also makes me spiritual and religious. It makes me believe that there exists a supreme power, which looks everything. Whatever we do, we should pay the cost of that work in this life only. This eye feels me guilty whenever I commit some mistakes or when I hurt the people around me, knowingly or unknowingly. Due to such feelings, I work to repair my mistakes and to persuade the annoyed people. This is how this eye helps me to rectify my mistakes and to win the heart of beloved again.

Right eye

My right eye has somewhat different vision than left eye. Let’s check it also-

  • This eye provides me realistic approach. This eye always gives me the exact situation. It looks reality rather than dreams. It looks in present rather future. Rather than showing dreamy clouds, it shows me ground reality.  This vision helps me to analyse the situation, to figure out the impacts of any decision. It also help me to know the complexity of a situation, to know the further challenges, to know the amount of hard work need to do to fulfil dreams.
  • This eye makes me workolihic. This eye keeps my focus on goal. It alerts me, every time whenever I deviate from my main agenda. This eye never says all is well, it says all will not be well until and unless I do something to resolve the problem.
  • Every time, when I do something, this eye gives me pointer where I need to work hard. I always get gap and mistakes rather than appreciation from this eye. Due to this vision, my work becomes better every time and lead to perfection.
  • This eye also gives me ability to identify good-bad in life. It gives me skill to figure out what is good for me and what is not good; what I should do; what I should not do. It also helped me to identify people; whom I should trust; whom I should not trust.
  • This eye also makes my nature simple, egoless and down to earth. It keeps my feet on the earth when I get stunning success.
  • Last but not least, this eye makes me practical and realistic in life. Additionally, it also controls my emotional quotient. It shows me primary karma in life. Rather than getting emotional in life and thinking about relations, bonds, future, results; it shows me the immediate action at the moment and my dharma as a human being.

So this is all about my two eyes. I don’t know which eye has better vision. I always keep both the vision in consideration, while taking a decision. Sometime both the eyes agree on an issue and sometimes they argue with each other; but they are my true companion throughout the life and always lead me to a decision. I don’t say that I am the most successful and happy man in this world; but whatever is I am, due to these two visions only.

You might be wondering, what vision I am talking about; so let me reveal that secret also. Left eye, I was talking about, is the vision I got from my mother. And right eye vision, I got from papa. Yeah, it’s true, whatever I achieved in life, is due to these two eyes. We may get education and becomes teacher, businessman, engineer, doctor or other professionals; we may groom our skills and become artist like painter, singer, dancer, actor, writer etc.; but we get these visions only from our parents or other people around us, not from any education or training. I strongly believe these vision acts as a base in every one’s life. We may become a good professional/artist due to knowledge or skill, but what make us a good human being, is these visions. This can be answered to the people like the son of Mr. Amitabh Bachhan in the movie Bagban, who said “ Aakhir aisa kiya he kya he, aapne hamare liye”

One response to “Two Eyes @ My Life”

  1. Great article with excellent metaphors!
    Whether we know it or not, somehow, our thoughts and acts are driven by the vision of our ‘left and right eyes’. No matter how ‘self built’ our successs is , we can never deny their credit.
    Greetings for the depth of observation and beautifully expressing it. 🙂


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