Story of a Lion

Once upon a time there was a lion in Jungle. He was the king there. He cared all animals of his kingdom. Lion was able to move any corner of jungle at any time; he can meet and chat with every animal any time. All animals lived happy and united with lion. Overall everyone was enjoying happy life in Jungle.

Once upon a time I was the friends of friend. I was able to meet and chat with any of my friend at any time. Everyone was there to help anyone. Friends were always around me almost every time. We were spending good time together. Overall I was enjoying the life with all my friends.

….now that lion is in cage. He can meet and chat with other animals but only from inside his cage. All animals are living a slavery life of zoo.

…and what about I…….I am still connected with all my friends. I can chat with any of my friends but only by online chatting and blogging and that too not every time. I sense a strange loneliness in my routine. Overall, I am living a virtual life of Facebook, twitter, blogging and internet.

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