Tough time for Libya

‘Fire in neighbors’ house heats your home too ‘This line is very well applied to Libya; but it’s not the heat of destruction, these are the flames of revolution indeed. After Egypt and Tunisia, it’s Libyans who want to throw dictatorship from their country and establish democratic environment. People who were living with problems like poverty, unemployment and illiteracy from last 41 years, are finally on roads to finish the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi.

Revolution always happens for change, stability and better future, however in the process of revolution, a nation goes into instability, war and blood fights. Libya is currently undergoing into the same situation. A significant percentage of population is very angry with Gaddafi government and started protesting against him. These protests are getting violent in nature day by day. Gaddafi is also not in mood to resolve the issue peacefully; he is on the way to crush these protests brutally using force and arms. There is a portion of population, who still supports Gaddafi and wants him to continue with his governance.  And rests of people are in the state of confusion, fear and anxiety. Overall country is hammed in from all around by its own internal troubles and nobody knows the end result of this whole turmoil; anything can be happen. United Nations and other countries are also trying to resolve situation at their level but the real path to resolve this crisis has to be identified by country itself.

Coming few months (or may be years) are going to be very hard for the people of Libya. They will gone be victim of bloody history of their country. They have to decide their fate, whether to continue with dictatorship or let support the revolutionaries so that country get breath in democratic environment. All we can do at the moment is the pray for people who are facing tough times these days in Libya!

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