I jumped from the tree

My 14 year old nephew wrote his first poem. I just re-phrased his words, added few lines and presenting in my blog.

(Poem expresses the emotions of a boy who is just stepping into teenage. He has a dream and he tried to achieve that dream without thinking anything; But all it became a big blunder. What was the stand of his parent, friends, teacher and so called girlfriend on this…let poem reveal it…)

I jumped from the tree to reach the sky
But fell down and began to cry
My mother came and asked why
But my father said nice try.

My buddies laughed on me as much they can
One called me Newton, other said the Superman
I don’t know where then goes the pain
Life looks with friends an easy game

My girlfriend came to meet and I felt shy
But she wished that someday I can fly
My hero is not the one whose courage is dry
But the one who dares and try.

My classmates wondered how I forget about gravity
But my teacher said it’s my courage, not the cavity
When you work to achieve the dreams
You have to swim against the streams.

It’s not just poem, it’s my pray
Love should be served always in heart’s tray
Parents and buddies should be with me all the way
Because life is nothing without them, just a horrible stay.


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