Releasing my first song “एक दिन दोस्तों के बिन !”

It all started one night…no…No…no…that was not night…that was the morning or rather dawning. I was enjoying into the deep depth of dreams and suddenly my alarm started ringing. It was 6 in the morning. I badly wanted that somehow alarm stop ringing automatically as it was out of the reach of my hands. But…no…it was continuously crying…and finally I stood up and stopped the alarm. I really wanted to go back into that dream but till the time that moment went out from my hands.  With heavy heart…I went into wash room…and at that time I recalled that I was watching a video song in the dream. I put some more pressure on mind and tried to recall the lyrics…but unfortunately I didn’t recall anything except one line. I missed the song but good thing is that I remembered that one line completely with tune and lyrics.

I washed the face and started my daily activity but that one line was continuously crooning inside the head. I tried to recognize whether I heard those words or tune earlier but I didn’t find any. Then I thought I should I record it as it was the invention of my dreams. I added few more lines on the same tune and recorded in my laptop. Later, I tried to complete that song by adding some more lines and rhyme but…bad luck…I could not convert those lines into the complete song.

I still not completed that song of my dreams but that incident evoked an idea in mind to compose and sing my own poetry. And guess what…on the investment of Friday morning and complete weekend; I finally came up with the song on one of my poem. I uploaded it at YouTube too with slideshow of few beautiful images. And finally, I am releasing the song at blog today. SO LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, As a lyricist and singer, Ankit R S Solanki is releasing his first song “एक दिन दोस्तों के बिन !”(I can hear the clap sound and cheering gestures of big crowdJ )

And yeah song is dedicated to all my friends ….

Here is the link of song –

well, keep the big words aside, it’s just first attempt of me to tune the poetry into song…so please…please…please…just listen it (at least once) …and put all your emotion, appreciation, suggestion, objection, recognition in comments section.

Eagerly waiting for your reactions and comments (what do you say it’s a WOWor WHAT THE HELL!!!)

-Ankit R S Solanki

3 responses to “Releasing my first song “एक दिन दोस्तों के बिन !””

  1. Waah! Ankit ji, bahut badiya geet likha hai aapne aur gaaya bhi bahut acche se hai. Sahi hai ki dosto ke bina hum apni aindagi ke baare me soch bhi nahi sakte.


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