An article on Sparsh and the people joined hands for the Sparsh’s noble cause.

Sparsh – The organization aims to empower children suffering of HIV/AIDS by maximizing their potential and enabling them to become confident and self reliant. They provide the children with good education, health, nutrition and vocational training so as to rehabilitate them in the society. Please find details at

Kuch baate apni bhi…

Sparsh Balgram is a home for HIV/AIDS infected children who lost their parents


Today, everyday, we strive to make our lives better. And most of us must be grateful to God, that we receive enough chances to do so. Good family background, good education and every possible facility to help us achive our targets is something most of us received without any effort.

However, life is not so generous for everyone. There are few among us, in the same world, who have to go through hardships to fulfil their basic needs. Things get bad, when they are suffering of a fatal disease by birth, with no fault of theirs. And, things get even worse, when there is no one to take care of their basic needs, to provide a fulfilling childhood, and give them emotional support so as to help them live a normal life they deserve. Ironically, these…

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  1. Thanks Ankit 🙂

    People like you are taking my small job into consideration and spreading this to world it itself an award for me. It’s like first time I appeared in any exam and passed with top rank 🙂


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