My love for languages

I love languages. Name really doesn’t matters, whether its Hindi, English or Arabic, I love them all. It’s not just language; I love all the mediums that give voice to human emotion. It may be painter’s canvas or poet’s poem, a sculpture’s statue or musician’s nodes; I am in love with everything. Even I like the gestures that symbolize human emotions like smile and cry. God has also his way to show his ideas and emotion. Don’t you think nature also talks with us by the means of rain, winds, clouds, sun-rays;  even silence of nature also speak a lot. I don’t know about others but nature does affect my mood; rain delights me, sunset put me in philosophical mode and silence of night scared me.

There is a very good word in English language ‘Feel’. I like each and everything that make me ‘Feel’. My love for language is just because it makes me feel and sensible. It makes me feel what other people think and feel. It makes me connect with other people and same time it also help me to express myself. Languages also make me feel that I am a human, more than just a machine that converts meal into energy and wastage.

If I say language as my love than I must say ‘Hindi’ is my first girlfriend. I fell in love with this language when I was at 5. Even now a day, I feel like I am married to this language. The reason, why I love this language, my mother introduce me with language. Before I knew Hindi, I used to know my mother by her touch only. This language gave me beautiful medium to understand my mother, to understand her thoughts and to feel her emotion. Whenever I speak in this language, I feel like I am playing in the lap of my mother like a small kid. Believe me, I could die for such feel; and this is why I used to talk in this language a lot.

There are many people like me who are married to this language. This thing is really pinching me now days that we love our wife but we still feel shy or inferior to go out with our wife. She cooks tasty meal in our kitchen and does whatever she can to make our life comfortable and healthy. But we are making her home imprisoned in return. She should go out, even it’s our duty to hold her hand proudly and let world see our treasure of art and literature.

After Hindi, there was another girl came in my life ‘English’. She was hot, sexy and super stylish (at least looks like!). Everyone wanted to fall in love with her. She had come from different culture and that is why I attracted towards her. Her western attire and ascent looked amazing to me. I got crush on her but it was not easy for me to catch her. First, she belongs to entirely different culture. Second, I was not the only one who loves her. Everyone in my group had his own reason to love her; someone loved her because she was the guarantee of golden future, someone wanted to show off his status quotient by grabbing her. I love her because she also make me ‘FEEL’; she give me the similar pleasure of ‘FEEL’ that I was getting from Hindi. For me, Hindi and English languages are like wine packaged in different bottles. English is poured into shiny glass bottle while Hindi is filled out into some soil made pots. This is why people attracted towards English more as glassy looks fancy than clay. However, they forget that its wine that matter the most, not the bottle.

As for as me concern, I used to drink both with equal spirit and I am in love with both types of wine. Both have their own fragrance, ingredients and taste but essence of both are same. They both made me FEEL. They delight me, excite me, energize me, seduce me and satisfied me too. As I said it’s the wine matter me most and until my tongue and heart are satisfied with taste, who the hell cares about packaging bottles.

There is one important thing about English that I missed to mention while amalgamating ladies and wine. At first look, English looked a bit complex to me, but as I came close to her, I found her extremely simple, sweet and innocent. After meeting her, I got to know the fact that women all around the world are same. Whether they wear jeans or sari, all they want is attention, expression and dedication. And if you show all these three things to them, they will bless you with unconditional love and eternal wisdom. If we talk about my relationship with English on these three parameters, I must say I am always attentive to English. In fact this is the language that grabs my attention most. I never hide anything to express in this language even if I make several syntactical mistakes. My expressions are always true and honest for her and I think this is the main reason she never disappoints me even if our differences in culture. If I talk about dedication then I must say I am not full time dedicated to her, especially when I am married to different woman. But dedication doesn’t mean you are always in the physical proximity of a person. Dedication defines by the purity and honesty of emotion for someone. Radha and Meera, both were dedicated to lord Krishna; however both were not in the physical proximity of Krishna always. I have pure and honest thoughts about English and I think she know it very much. She knows that I always have something to say or express, and I always looked at her with honesty and trueness so she never says no to me. She is always there when I need her to be the voice of my expression and thoughts. Thank you English for so kind on me!

As I started talking about ladies and languages, there is one more fact that I want to share before we move on to my next girlfriend. Whether it’s a language or ladies, all the layers of their heart are made up of glass; you can see everything easily but you could not understand everything. Why few characters are silent in some of the words in English, How English can manage everything in just twenty six characters while Hindi takes fifty two for the same, why there are upper case and lower case in English but there is nothing like case in Hindi, why there are synonyms in languages when both the words intended to use for same purpose. Few miseries of woman heart and languages are never understandable by man’s mind.

Life looked colorful to me with two girlfriends and I was thankful to God. But God was so much overwhelmed with me that he made me born in the land of love and languages. There is another girl came in my life. She lives in the corner street of our town and her name is ‘Urdu’. She is the lovely and bubbly girl of my town. She is the perfect combination of style and sweetness. She has the flavor of what we called in her own words ADA (style), ADAB (dignity) and TAHZEEB (culture). When ‘TU’ or ‘TUM’ is replaced by ‘AAP’ or ‘JANAB’, listener automatically feels ‘someone special’ from ‘just ordinary’. Believe me, there is no other language in the world that make you feel so special other than Urdu.

I love Urdu but I am still in exploring mode for this language. Especially when it comes to writing, my fingers get jammed. But Urdu is not just one I want to take chance; there is one more. She is the daughter of priest of my town and her name is Sanskrit. She is holy, pure and divine. Wherever she goes, an environment of devotion and wisdom created around her. Love her is not an easy game like Hindi or English.  She is a bit complex and I can understand her complexity as she represents our incredible ancient wisdom and prosperousness. She has the ocean of words and wisdom that articulate every human emotion or thought best way possible. I must say she has the most charismatic personality I ever met in my life; when she murmurs it feel me like the music of flute and when she speaks it make me enjoy soulful song. Believe me, Sanskrit is the only language in the world that use the all aspects of language so effectively and beautifully. Every sentence in Sanskrit ensures the delivery of right amount of information with perfect balance of emotion and adequate amount of attraction.

My love for languages is not finished with just Hindi, English, Urdu and Sanskrit. There are endless counts of ladies that are next in the list… Marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Telgu, Bangla. I have some very interesting dreams about languages like learning a strange African language that is still unknown to mankind, write a song that has words of all languages and can easily sing by everyone in the planet, writing a poem that doesn’t belongs to any language but still everyone can understand it. The dreams that excite and terrify me at the same time is about visit Afganistan and learn their local language; I really want to write few love songs in the language that mostly used there to speak the voice of terror and fear. My most pleasant dream till date is go for Europe trip and learn the languages that witness the rich heritage of art and literature. I don’t have just dreams about languages; I too have few notion (or myth) about me for languages. I feel like god gifted me huge capabilities to please all my girlfriends… (Sorry languages!). He had given me treasure of thoughts in mind and eruption of emotion in heart. These two gifts ensure I always have something to say, and until and unless I am honest in saying something, every language welcomes me with open hands.

But it’s not love all the time; I have few complains with languages too; or may be complain with people who are speaking these languages. First, now a day’s language is playing role in dividing people. Believe me, no language was invented to divide people; in fact purpose of language is just reverse of it. Languages come in existence to connect people; they provide a common platform so that people can easily share their thoughts and feelings. It’s really heart breaking to see people now a day disconnecting with each other due to languages.

Second thing I hate, people connect languages with religion. Hindi is the language of Hindus, English is for Christian and Urdu is of Muslims; why is it so. Tell me what language a person will speak who doesn’t believe in any religion. Languages never need the religion for their existence. Religion is a thought or belief and language is a way to express thoughts. These two things are totally independent; we should not attach these with each other. This thought really scared me more than visiting Afghanistan that what happen when languages are stick with specific religion and defined only within geographical boundaries. It will be really suicidal moment for people like me who can not satisfied with just one type of language, love and wine. I think these three things should always cross the boundaries and reach as many people as possible. As a language lover, I must say language is the most incredible gift to mankind; it should be used in spreading love, peace and harmony.

I am not finished with my love story yet. I have a lot to say about languages but time and space is not permitting me. I have to finish up this post, may be some day we again continue our discussion.

She comes to share, she comes to change.
Her name is woman, her name is language.

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