Alok Nath Jokes

My Contribution to Alok Nath Jokes…100% original and 101% fresh.

  1. Alok Nath has filed a case for the royalty from all the truck owners who printed this line on their truck – “BABUJEE main aa gayi”
  2. Alok nath hangs a “GHANTA” at the entrance of his house because he treats “GHAR EK MANDIR”
  3. Alok Nath tied all his family members by rope because “wo pariwar ko bandhkar rakhne me vishwas rakhte he”
  4. Alok nath always called his wife as – “Suniye Samdhanjee”
  5. Once Alok Nath was arrested for gender test of his unborn baby. He wanted to kill his “BOY-BABY” because it will not produce the opportunity of KANYADAN for him.
  6. Alok nath refuses to attend Karan Johar’s wedding because he only does “Kanyadan” in marriages.
  7. Alok Nath supports Rahul Gandhi because he believes in “PARIVAR-VAD”
  8. Once Alok Nath was walking very slow…because a song was playing on radio “babuji jara dheere chalo bijli khadi yaha bijali khadi”
  9. Salman Khan – “I am still virgin babuji.”  Alok Nath – “Bas tune hi mere sanskaro ka man rakha Prem beta”
  10. Once Alok Nath went to his daughter’s home and he was thirsty …but he drink “DARU” at her home instead of water…because “wo apni beti ke ghar ka pani bhi nahi peeta”
  11. Guess the name of daughters of Alok Nath – Pooja, Aarati, Bhakti, Bhawna, Aastha, Maryada, Tapasya…
  12. If Alok Nath was the hero of Chennai Express, his dialogue would be – “Don’t underestimate the power of FAMILY-MAN”
  13. Alok Nath makes love to his girlfriend by kissing her feet….because he believes in “CHARAN SPARSH”
  14. During his wedding, all the family members of Alok nath and his wife took the PHERE around AGNI, because he thinks “shadi do logo ka nahi, do parivaro ka milan hain”
  15. Alok Nath’s favorite song – hawan karenge…hawan karenge…
  16. Once Alok Nath was travelling in train without ticket and caught by ticket checker. He didn’t have money, so when ticket checker asked for fine, Alok Nath pull out his turban(pagdi) and put at the feet of ticket checker, and said – “ab meri izzat apke hi hatho me hain TT babu”
  17. Ek bar Mallika Sherawat ne ek movie me Alok Nath ki beti ka role kiya ….aur us movie me Alok Nath ne mallika ke kapde apne bhagwan ko bhi pahna diye.
  18. Mohnish Behal had decided to do positive role in the movies only if Alok Nath plays the role of his father.
  19. Once Ranjeet came to Alok Nath’s home with intention to rape his daughter. But Ranjeet dropped the idea because Alok Nath treat guest as god. He did AARATI of Ranjeet at the entrance and washed his feet. Later he served him dinner also.
  20. Alok Nath is the only man in India who is allowed to paste his family photographs at passport, PAN card and Aadhar card.
  21. Alok Nath has requested bank locker to put his daughter in it. Because he believes “Beti to paraya DHAN hoti hain.”
  22. Alok Nath was awarded as “MALE NIRUPA ROY” by the government of India.


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