Hide and Seek

Park is not the only place where children can play
But it provide a big and open space to play
With assurance of the fact that it is no one’s territory.

To play, a game must be fair and pure
But, in hide and seek, one has to trick other
By hiding the truth behind the layer.

There was a tree in that park
Where children used to play hide and seek.
Everyone used to do trick there
Everyone used to be freak there.

At some point, one has to hide
At some point, one has to show.
One has to wander in search of truth
One has to hide for survival of truth.

One day that tree was cut and an electric pole placed there
Now there was light everywhere immaterial of day or night
There was nothing to find, nothing to hide
Everything was clear whether it’s left or right.

Children started playing run and catch
Where one has to run and catch other.
Now no one has to hide or find anything
All they have to do is just chase each other.

The focus was shifted to power and stamina
Instead of survival and sensibility.
Those who doesn’t have the physical ability
Didn’t find anything to hide their credibility.

The change in game changed the taste
System is transparent but has no interest.
There is no shadow to hide or rest
There is no knowledge to search or test.

What’s wrong in the ground of morality and reality ?
If we hide the truth for some moment,
And showcase it at right frame of time, to right people and in right manner.
Rather than breaking all the curtains that cover, protect and hold the truth.


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