Rain, Rainbow and marriage

No matter how much we love women, we need some special skill to understand them. It’s not the thing they are complex in nature, but they are different to think-off, especially for men. Men and women, both is different creature of god, but when they get together, it’s a moment where god also watches the super drama of his own castings. I am using word drama here just because the relation of husband and wife is like rainbow of life which exhibit all colors of life in very fascinating manner. Love, romance, argument, discussion, anger, emotional, excitement, disappointment, patience, expectation, fun, tease, chase, hope…a married man taste all the emotion of life under one roof only. But I must say I am amateur to write on this topic as I am fresh entrant in the married club. Old man said that a new wedding is like rainbow after heavy rain, weather is peaceful and very exciting. As the time passes, rainbow colors came to the earth in green, white, gray, blue and black shade too. Well…Whatever be its color and impact, rain, rainbow and marriages are essential for man and his life. It fertile the earth, colored it and give meaning to its existence.

I started my word with the difference in man and woman’s thinking and I have a very interesting incident to share. It was pleasant morning of Manali when I asked my wife to get ready for tracking. On the way I found myself hungry and we have some bananas in our bucket. One fine and alone place we took halt to eat something. I opened the bucket and with the overdose of ‘ladies first’ manners, I cut and offer one banana to her. She refused with the gesture that she is not hungry and also not interested in eating something. I uncovered the banana and started eating it. She looked at me with smile and strangeness at face. I thought she didn’t like the way I am eating the banana as I was very hungry and ate complete banana in three bytes and forty second. In the curse of hunger, I cut the second banana but behaved gently with this banana. I took the first byte and again found my wife looking with the same face at me.  This time I got confused, I left the wild boyish attitude, turned gentle man and still she was making strange face. Don’t know what I thought but I offered the second byte of the banana to her. She inclined towards me and grabbed the banana byte from my hand. She got happy like a child was given Cadbury after so much waiting. We ate three bananas like this and she was happy more than the M S Dhoni when he won the world cup. I asked her that why she refused banana at first if she was also hungry. She told me that she was waited for me to ask from my banana. I couldn’t digest her fact but liked her act as she wanted to make this boring banana eating activity so romantic. (it also made me think about famous Cadbury ad where chocolate is shared with strange people…eeee…so unhygienic but touching advertisement). Well…this is not the only thing, there are a lot moment that a man can’t think and woman make them feel. May be some day, I may share few more interesting moments like this as I just entered in span of life where a man  encounter the most beautiful and colorful face of his life.  AAMIN !

After wonderful incident, I want to share one amazing fact. My mother told me that first movie she watched with my father after marriage was ‘Kranti’ (remember Manoj Kumar, Dilip Kumar and HemaMalini starrer 80’s movie). I laughed at this fact as why they choose such a movie with so negative and violent name just after their wedding. After thirty years, when I went to watch my first movie after marriage, name of the movie was ‘Ek Villain’( Again, a negative and disappointing name ) There was no Kranti happened in my parents’ life and they are very much happy with together so I am also hopeful that no one turned villain in our love story too J(don’t look at me, I am waiting for television to broad cast ‘Main Tera Hero’ movie so that we can overcome the negative effect) AAMIN !

One last thing to give finishing touch…In Manali, our hotel offered us luxury room, tasty food, comfortable stay, prompt service, apple garden to visit, beautiful window view, discotheque, games (badminton, roller scatting, computer games, table tennis) to play and books to read…but what I liked most was… free wifi connection. (Now you can understand why girls don’t prefer engineer husband 🙂 )



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