Percentage of Truth

I know I am not good in analysis of facts because facts and feel may or may not reach at same conclusion. Here whatever be analysis I am showing is based on feel. Again, I am writing on very tough topic – truth. But I want to burn my hands in this analysis so that readers can understand my feel with these facts shown in graph. Truth is always universal but its interpretation is different by different souls and I firmly believe what our soul says is always 100% true. But listening our soul is always a difficult task because we are surrounded with the senses like ears and eyes which alter the truth. If not alter then also, these senses hides some percentage of truth and highlight remaining percentage of truth. Master of all these senses is our mind; he manipulates, mirrored, expand or narrowed the truth. These all senses act like some experts  debating on news channels for exploration for truth. But Truth is always there inside the human being, different people named it differently – soul, dharma, aatma, rooh, sixth sense etc etc.

So here is my analysis. Do let me know in comments section  if you think otherwise –

percentage of truth 2

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