Love Deal

Its a smalll story about love and friendship. There are five characters in this story –

  1. Ronit – Main hero of the story
  2. Mitali – Heroine of the story
  3. Nilesh – He is the best friend of Ronit
  4. Mrs Uma Devi – Mitali’s mother
  5. Mr. RajKamal – Ronit’s father

Ronit, Mitali and Nilesh were friends and they were studying in same college. Ronit and Mitali were in true love with each other. Nilesh was the best friend of Ronit and they were childhood friends. When college completed, Ronit and Mitali decided to get married.

Mrs. Uma Devi, who was the mother of Mitali, came to know about her daughter’s decision to get married. Since Ronit’s financial condition was not good and he has careless attitude toward carrier, Mrs Uma Devi asked Mitali to not marry Ronit. Mitali understand the concern of her mother. She knew about Ronit’s careless attitude but she also knew his determined and fearless nature, so she proposed a deal to Ronit.

Mitali asked Ronit that she would marry him only when he makes decent financial status. She formalized financial status by some condition like Ronit should have his own house, car, and a decent bank balance. Ronit asked Mitali what if he would not make it in given time. Mitali said she would go with her mother’s choice and leave him. But she also said that she is sure he will fulfil her condition. Uma devi also agreed with Mitali for this condition

Ronit left disappointed with this condition and asked his father Mr. Rajkamal what to do. Mr. Rajkamal said he is free to do whatever he wants – He can leave Mitali or he can work hard to fulfil deal. After thinking, he accepted challenge as he was in true love with Mitali. He decided to go Dubai for earning.

At the same time Nilesh’s mother was facing a critical illness and he need money to operate her. Since he also need money, he accompanied Ronit in Dubai so that he could also earn something. At that time Ronit determined that he would create his own business in Dubai, and he need good loyal friend. But he knew that Nilesh is very innocent and emotional guy, sometimes he act very foolish also. So he made a condition to his friend that he would never brake his trust, and Ronit would take all personal and professional decision for Nilesh as well as bussiness. He also made Nilesh swear that he would never leave him once they would achieve something. Nilesh agreed to his condition and they left for Dubai.

Initially they did some small jobs in Dubai but soon they started import-export business. In the span of two years, their business grew rapidly, and they made good profit. Ronit made planning and was primary owner of bussiness. Nilesh handled execution part and like loyal partner he worked hard to execute their planning. Now Ronit was dreaming big and making their business global. Nilesh operated his mother and she was also doing good. At that time, there were no mobiles so communication between Ronit and Mitali was permanently closed.

After two years, Ronit came to India and met Mitali. Ronit had his own house, car and decent bank balance now. Mitali was very happy that now they would marry happily. But this time Ronit refused to marry Mitali. He said that these two years make him understand value of money and work. Now he want to make his business bigger and he has no time for love. Also, Mitali wanted to settle down In India but Ronit wanted to become bigger and settled in abroad. So, their ambitions were not matching and Ronit decided to left her. Mitali was very disappointed, and heartbroken with Ronit’s behavior. She bagged to Ronit many times, but he did not melt. Finally she swear by anger that she would never see Ronit again. Ronit made his father Mr. Raj Kamal aware about his decision, but he respected his son’s decision and stood with him.

Since Nilesh had friendship with both and he knew about their true love, he tried to convince Ronit that do not dump Mitali. But Ronit did not understand, and he was determined at his decision. Nilesh sympathized Mitali and helped her to move out from this sadness. Soon Nilesh and Mitali developed feeling for each other. After some time, they decided to get married. Nilesh knew about Mitali’s swear that she would not want to face Ronit again and he also knew that Ronit would not accept him to get married with Mitali; it become tricky situation for him. He let Ronit knew about his decision; Ronit said if he would ask him, he should not marry Mitali but he is free to take decision on his own. Nilesh knew about Mitali’s dream to settle in India. He knew that he would not continue his life with Ronit and Mitali both so he finally decided to brake his partnership with Ronit. Nilesh and Mitali got married and left In India; Ronit moved to Dubai with his ambition.
Story ends here; but there is one exercise for readers now – Think about everyone’s situation and answer these two questions in comment box –

  1. Who is the most innocent in this story – whatever he did was perfectly fine.
  2. Who is the main culprit in this story – what he did was wrong.

If you specify your reason; it would be icing on the cake. I will share my take also later.


Note – This story is inspired by similar incident I read somewhere.

9 responses to “Love Deal”

  1. Nilesh most innocent
    Mitali is culprit
    Nilesh went with Ronit and did his work perfectly keeping trust on him for all financial and other matters and completed every task given
    Also, before going further in his relationship with Mitali, he informed everything to Ronit and closed the partnership on good note without putting any precondition and pressure in Ronit.
    Mitali on the other hand seems completely selfish, it clears from her first condition she put on Ronit, if she would have told Ronit that you need to be successful for our marriage, else she will have no option but to remain unmarried for rest of her life.
    True love doesn’t care about financial status,
    Pyar karte time pata nahi tha kya ki uski financial condition acchi nahi he, aur careless attitude he.
    Usko dono hatho me laddu chahiye.
    Also, when Ronit denied for any further relationship she engaged with Nilesh who is there common friend, WTF (?)
    Kya guarantee thi ki Mitali puri life uske saath loyal rehti, kyoki Ronit ka bura time to fir se aa sakta tha, kisi ka bhi aa sakta he, Mitali can’t be trusted, and also she was not in true love with Ronit at the first place


  2. Very interesting story.
    Short but enough twists and emotions.
    I think three youngsters made choices per their current situations, so no one to blame.
    May be, their parents might have played more decisive roles but all is well if ends well and it seems story ends in similar fashion for all of them.


  3. इस कहानी सभी पात्र अपनी अपनी जगह सही हैं।अत: सभी पात्र मासूम हैं।हम किसी भी पात्र को चालाक या शातिर नहीं कह सकते हैं।


  4. Most Innocent : Mr. Rajkamal
    He always stood with his son with no conditions
    Most Culprit : Mitali
    She always stood with conditions


  5. Obviously the most innocent is Nilesh, and yes whatever he did was perfectly right, cause LOVE is bigger than Money….
    And the culprit is Ronit, and also Mitali cause there is no terms & condition in between true LOVE……


  6. Mitali was right in all her doing.
    Ronit is the main culprit.
    His careless attitude in the beginning.
    He breaks true love with no genuinty
    He was emotionless


  7. Let me tell this – there is no one hundred percent right or wrong in this story, but good thing is that everyone takes the decision and move on in their life. Life is always like this – we can’t make everyone happy, we can’t be right all the time, but we must accept our situations and move on in life.

    Those who thinks Ronit is innocent, they are giving more preference to ambitions and dreams. They give preference to think practically and use mind in all situations.

    Those who think Mitali is innocent, they try to make balance between mind and heart, emotion, and intelligence. They respect everyone’s situation and ready to take risks.

    Those who thinks Nilesh is innocent, they are sensitive and kindhearted people. They understand everyone’s emotion, situations and always do what their heart says.

    Those who thinks Mrs Uma Devi is innocent, they are thinking practically and professionally in life.

    Those who thinks Mr. Raj Kamal is innocent, they don’t interfere other’s business. They give space to people around them and making them independent.

    Those who thinks no one is culprit, they are people who moves with flow, they understand everyone’s concern and adjust their self in all situations.

    My opinion is that Nilesh was innocent as his love and friendship was unconditional. Mr. Raj Kamal was I think culprit, he should give correct advice to his son when he was breaking up with Mitali. When kids come to elders, they should give their frank opinion based on their experience and intelligence.
    By the way, I got the idea of this story from this song – Sharing this beautiful old song with you. Enjoy.


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