Love Talk with Little Krishna

Hello Friends,
I am Little Krishna from Dwapar-Yug. I know valentine day is over and I am late to talk about love, but season of love is throughout the year. Spring set the mood and summer ripe it; Rain romancify it and winter nourish it. So today, I am here to talk about Love.
Love is purest and divine emotion of human heart. It’s the best gift God gave us. Love is not always between a boy and girl; Love can happen with anything or anyone. My (Lord Krishna’s) Bal-Leela (Childhood) is perfect example to understand love. But unfortunately, you named it Ras-Leela and not understanding the true love portion of it. Today I am highlighting some people or things from my childhood and spreading hidden colors of rainbow called love.

Radha – Love your Partner. I have Radha as my partner. Radha is the greatest lover of all time. I always say act like Krishna but love like Radha. She gave everything to me but never expect anything from me. When I left her to find my Karma, she understood the situation and didn’t ask any question to me. Even after separation, she did not have any hard feeling for me; her love was forever. You know why I was smiling during Mahabharata battle or any circumstances of life, because Radha’s love deep inside my heart kept me calm and peaceful. Giving is the real joy of love; Love started to dimmish when expectation begins. True love does not expect anything but gives infinitely. Radha ensures that world get message that love is not just living happily with your loved one always, but love is to respect and accept lover’s views, dreams and Karma. Love is not about achieving but its about accepting. Nobody wins in love, but everyone enjoys the game in love. Love should shape you, not alter you. Love should encourage you to achieve Karma. Always remember act like me but love like Radha. Let start love your partner like Radha.

Yashoda – Love your mother. I have very fond memories with my Yashoda maa. She is most beautiful and enjoyable part of my life. Mother is not just biological parent but everyone who loves you, nourish you to become better. It could be mother, teacher, mousi, bua, aunty, grand-parent and even neighbor. Love every person who loved you at any moment of your life; Forget and forgive their misdeeds or hurting actions; Always have lovely memories and positive words for them. Let start recognizing, respecting and loving all such people in life.

Gwal bal and Gopiya – Love your friends. Gwal bal and Gopiya were my childhood friends and I love spend time with them. Friendship is the entry gate of any relationship. We born to be happy, and friends are treasure of fun and happiness. Friends are catalyst for generating happy hormones. Most important thing about friendship is friends stood with us in all situations. Keep connected with your friends, spend time with them and have fun with them. Never hesitate to ask for help or proving help to friends whenever needed.

Yamuna – Love the nature. Bank of Yamuna River was my favorite place and I enjoyed viewing water in river and beautiful scenery around bank. Yamuna bank, flute and cows are integral part of my and Radha’s love story. Romantic emotion of human heart erupts like volcano in the lap of nature. Nature is also foundation of our existence of earth, but these days you are working to destroy it. You should come out of your concentrate creatures and spend time with nature. More you connect with nature; more you would be happy and healthy in life.

Cow – love the animals. I love cows and they also loved me more than any human being. You should love pets like dog, cow or cats. These speechless creatures deserve love, space and dignity from us. We should not interfere in their life. We should love them like human being and need to make sure their life is not hurt because of us.

Makhan(Butter) – Love the food. I love makhan more than anything, Eating Makhan gives me taste, energy and happiness. Please excuse my mischievous for eating makhan but I wanted to make sure that you get the message that we should do enough efforts to get food. You should not receive food, but you should earn it with hard work. Also, you should digest it with same hard work and exercise. Food is not just giving energy to us, but it is also shaping our thoughts and eventually affecting our Karma. So, give respect and love to food, think what you are eating, how it is farming and reaching to your hands and always have proper balanced healthy diet.

Morpankh – Love yourself. I love being taking bath every day in Yamuna and decorate myself with crown, morpankh, clean clothes, earrings and chain. My color was black, but I took great care of myself that even today every mother see myself in their child. You should accept your body and color with pride and took great care of it. Always be clean and present yourself in such way that everyone starts liking you.

Bansuri (Flute) – Love the music. I enjoyed playing flute and it was like meditation for me that refreshed my mind and thoughts. You must remember when I played flute, everyone around me (even cows) enjoyed and danced. Music creates environment of peace and love. Its meditation of mind and heart. Music connects you with inner soul and transform you to be kind, calm and better version of yourself. Always make friendship with people who loves music, their company would always be very enjoyable. Learn an instrument or listen to the music. Croon any tune or sing any song or dance. Love the music the way you love people.

Kans /Mahabharat – Last but not least, Love your Karma. My primary Karma in life was killing the demons like Kans mama and save good people like my biological parents. My vision was to Enlighten the world with Gyan of the Geeta and importance of Karma. I was loving to be there in Gokul and Vrindavan; my life was very comfortable, peaceful and lovable there but when Karma called, I left everything behind. Love should not be barrier to fulfil your Karma; Rather it should propagate to Karma. Everyone came on earth with some purpose to fulfil in life. Guys, love your dreams, Karma, duties and ambitions; and always ready to make big sacrifices to achieve it. This is the primary aim of every human life.

Here I am finish with my love talk. Start exploring these shades of love and your life would change forever. I am always with you to direct you on these love paths. Just pull me out from temples and keep in your prayer, thoughts, habits, , memories, emotions, vision and Karma. I exist everywhere in universe, and you should also keep me everywhere 😊


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