Humorous Solanki

A professor was giving speech on deaddiction of alcohol. During his speech he challenged audience to tell a single benefit of consuming alcohol.
One alcohol drunker stood up and said let me tell you benefit of consume alcohol regularly.
He came on stage and said if we consumed alcohol regularly, cancer would never happen to us.
Audience along with professor were stunned with his claim. Professor asked how he can say this, is there any research happened on it.
Drunker said there is no research required for it. If we consume alcohol regularly, our liver, kidney or heart would fail before we caught by cancer and hence alcohol is safeguard for cancer.
He smiled at professor and walked away 😊
Point noted my lord!
Professor shocked and drinker rocked!!


Lockdown was not bad for everyone. Specially for one of my friends who was always had problem with his ears. He always troubled with pain in ears, and it was affecting his hearing senses. He showed to many doctors, but he did not find any permanent solution.
After lockdown, when I met him and asked about ear problem, he said his ears are completely fine now. He mentioned he found very easy solution for it. During lockdown, he noticed there was soap remained in his ears after bath, so he cleaned it with towel. Every day he made habit to remove soap completely from ear and wipe it with towel corner. Soon his ears recovered completely. He mentioned that he was always hurry in reaching office in morning, so he never noticed it during bath. Lockdown gave him enough time to bath and look himself in mirror.
Hope my friends with constipation problem are giving proper time to their routine activity 😊


IT people got great blessing from Corona – WFH(work from home 😊). But now many companies started calling their employees. I went to office one day via taxi. Cab driver was a man in his fifties. He told me that he is driving cab from last twenty years. He is very loyal to his mater and honest to passengers. Once he found bag with lakhs of rupees, but he returned to customer safely. One of his passengers wanted him to come in Mumbai, he would provide him same job but with five times of salary. He refused the offer as he loves city, people, and family here. He told me we should earn love and respect instead of money. He also mentioned life is very uncertain so enjoy every moment with love and peace. He also told me Santoshi sada sukhi.
During travel, I found truck with beautiful slogan on its back
बेईमानी का हलवा लाएगा लकवा
इमान की रोटी खुशियों की बूटी
During tea break in office, chai-tapri wala gave me very important advice that second income is always necessary, so he started doing security guard work in night along with chay tapri.
After returning home, I got tired and slept early in night peacefully.

Bas yahi sab Gyan tha jo me work from home me miss kar raha tha, baki kam to sab chal hi raha he . (Not colleague, not the office premise, only this wisdom was the thing that I was missing in work from home 😊)


Holi festival was just gone and it remined me Holi is the only festival where we play instead celebrate. Holi is always my favorite festival, but I have concern over timing of this festival. First, it comes during exam season of students. Second, it comes when winter is about to end so still feel bit cold while playing with water. How good it would be if this festival comes in May month. We would not have any exam, and summer allows us to play with water entire day. Thanks to global warming, my second concern is fixing every year. We have warmness started in March and hopefully we would feel like May in March soon (again thanks to Global warming 😊). Hope education department learn from Global warming and think about it 😊


Since I started talk about exam season, I have something more about it. Soon exams would be over, and results would be announcing. We would witness one headline in newspaper – Ladkiyo ne bazi mari (Girls are ahead of boys in passing percentage). This is not some news; it’s a slap to all boys. Why to compare passing percentage between girls and boys – what exactly education department will achieve with this comparison. They are not able to build a common education system for all category of people across entire country but this comparison our education department always does. Why to make boys feel inferior every year. Discrimination starts from here also and no body not even noticed.
Believe me the real reason behind this passing percentage is not because boys are not studying well. The real reason is burden of expectation is more on boys. When a baby boy born, everyone is happy in family. This happiness is not because they have new member in family. This happiness because this new member would continue their heredity, legacy, and family tree. One expectation is already put on him – he must produce child. Society also wants boys should get good marks and get good job, and so they are keep forcing them for study hard. For girls, nobody cares about their marks. They are allowing girls to study is itself a big favor for them. So naturally girls find no pressure for study, and they do good in academics. Everyone want their boy to be like Yuvraj Singh, who will perform under pressure in all situations. But Girls are always like Ashish Nehra who always performed well but still did not receive the love like batter.


Let me give example of society’s different views for girls and boys. There is a famous political family in India that is serving nation from four generations. They launched their daughter in active politics recently. What people think that she would do good in politics because she looks like her great grandmother. Specially her nose looks like grandmother. Oh come-on, she is not joining Bollywood, its politics man, a serious business, but society always judge woman with her looks and appearance. On the other hand, this lady has brother also in politics. Her brother is fit, handsome, good looking and look like his great father. He can survive in t-shirt in chilling Delhi winter, but nobody talks about his looks and face. Everyone talks about his intelligence, skills, and metal capability. Poor standard of society!


Last but not the least, hope my last joke is enough to be in good books of ED, IT, or any other government agencies 😊
Jay Shri Ram!


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