About Me

bkf34“I am the son of soil with head decorated by tattoo of technology and soul enriched by treasure of thoughts.”

Well…It’s not just jingle of words…every term of this definition mean to me. I am a son of soil as I belong to hardcore farmer family. Whatever be I am today is due to the rich, fruitful soil of our farms and the hard work of my parents and other family members.

I have a tattoo of technology in head as I got education in computer engineering and by profession, I am a software engineer.

Last but not least, I feel that there is a volcano of thoughts inside me and this blog is just an innocent attempt to mold that positive energy in the form of articles, poems and stories.

So all in all, these three things define me. My job (in software industry) connect me with people and world, my farming heritage connect me with my roots and simplicity and my writing passion connect me with myself and my almighty God.

So that’s all about me. These are my online addresses –

Gmail – ankitsolanki13@gmail.com

Yahoo – so_lucky.ankit@yahoo.in

Blog URL – https://baramdekidhoop.wordpress.com/

Reader/Writer/Friends/Relatives/Known/Unknowns/Well-wishers/Admirer/Critic – everyone is welcomed to contact me at these online addresses. Else, you can also put your thoughts in comments area appears below every post in this blog.


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17 responses to “About Me”

  1. today suddnly i found ur blog…. i read some of ur content…i lyk them vry much … thy were so touchy……. go ahead…. i most lyk that school part and parsanaa’s b’day


  2. Articulately portrayed urself.
    Being with you for almost 8 yrs, I can certainly say that you have well identified and defined yourself.


  3. Just read “मत पूछ मेरे हौसलों की हदों के बारे में” ……………. so apt and thoughtful….. Keep it up buddy!


  4. Namaste!

    Came across your poem ‘खुशी’ on social networking. What a beautiful way you have of expressing in words. I’m now reading your blog. Its wonderful. Keep it up. I hope to keep reading more of your writing.

    Admiringly yours,


    • Hi Ravi,

      Thank you very much for your visit at my blog and such wonderful comment. Readers like you are the motivating force for my writing…Really thanks for keep me on. Yes, i will be coming with some more writing items like these in future too. Believe me, I will not disappoint you.
      Do visit the blog and happy reading !
      Once again thanks for appreciating my words.


  5. Hello,

    Suddenly found your blog on google, i never found any of such write ups before. You have a very beautiful talent of writing thoughts, emotions in words. I am very impressed. Every poem and the way of writing story is so meaningful and having depth. Keep it up. Specially your poems inspired me as well to write like yours..

    Thank you


  6. Ankit bhaiya.aapka blog achanak hi mila.app ke man ki baat kavita ke roop main padhi.kafi samay baad kuch accha sa man ko choone vala padhne ko mila.mast laga.or kuch bhi padhne ko milaga aapse asi aasha ke saath.bye bye.


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