सपने अपने होते हैं, हकीकत बेगानी होती हैं
जो मिल जाये ये दौनो तो महान जिंदगानी होती हैं !

वैसे ये ज़िन्दगानी भी किसी नदी की तरह होती हैं
इसके एक किनारे पर सपने तो दूजे पे हकीकत होती हैं !

दौ किनारों को मिला सके ये हुनर तो खुदा में भी नहीं
हम इंसानों की कोशिश तो इन किनारों पर पुल बनाने की होती हैं !

मिट्टी सपनो की होती हैं, पत्थर हकीकत के होते हैं
और जो जमा दे इन दोनों को वो पकड़ इरादों की होती हैं !

कमबख्त ये बहाव, उलझाव इरादों को पकड़ बनाने भी नहीं देता
जिस पत्थर को उठाओ उसकी मंशा बह जाने की होती हैं !

बस बहती नहीं हैं तो ये ख्वाहिश पुल बनाने की
इसकी इच्छा तो हरदम वक़्त को मुँह चिड़ाने की होती हैं !

पर ये वक़्त ये बहाव किसी का हमदम नहीं दोस्त
इसकी फितरत भी बस बह जाने की होती हैं !

“ठाकुर” वक़्त रहते अपना ये पुल बना लीजिये
ना जाने कौन सी घड़ी साँसों के बिखर जाने की होती हैं !



Dream, Dare and Define the Destiny

In this whole world, it’s just you and your integrity are with you
In this whole planet, it’s just you and your integrity are in your control
Believe in you and feel the integrity
Because rest of the world is just shape of this unity.

Close the eyes and see your eternity
Listen your voice and know the almighty
When you break the boundaries and touch the equity
You will know one truth of law of dignity.

You are not here to repeat the heredity
You are here to dream, dare and define your destiny.

(Note – This poem is purely inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s poem ‘Where the knowledge is free.’)

~ Ankit Solanki


My Girlfriend and Diamond Necklace

One day I was in a restaurant with my friends. There I noticed a man on the side table was proposing his girlfriend. They seem to be in relationship from long time, but his girlfriend was in mischievous mood that day. She didn’t say ‘yes’ to his proposal in just one shot. First time man was proposing by just words, second time he tried poetry but his girlfriend didn’t impress and still silent. Third time he sat on knees and proposed the lady in front of everyone with rose in hand, this time his girlfriend smiled but still not melted enough to say yes.

After third attempt, man was disappeared from there and I saw his girlfriend sitting alone. In just few minutes, it became dark in restaurant. Suddenly we noticed a dim light on that couple’s table. His girlfriend shocked and stood up when this dim light radiated over her. Soon two hands arrived from her back and wrap a necklace around her neck. Lady tilted her eyelid and saw that necklace; her eyes became wide open with an expression of surprise and happiness.  Soon we saw the face of that man in back side (off-course he is her boyfriend!), he whispered something in her ears (I LOVE YOU, I suppose!) and it brought a full fleshed smile on her face. She moved back and closed herself under the arms of man. Lights of the restaurant on with it and everyone clapped.

Our evening got delighted by such a romantic drama in real life. But I was with friends, and when you are with friends there is no place to get emotional and serious; everyone was commenting something funny about that couple. One said ‘girls are always like this, they love man’s money, gifts and power… not the man. When the man was simply saying her ‘I love you’, she didn’t say anything…next time poor guy tried beautiful poem also but still ma’am didn’t melted. I am dam sure it was the diamond necklace that she is looking for…and in future also she will force her man like this for her wishes…poor man! I really have sympathy with him.‘ Other friend agreed and added to him ‘yes…one more thing about girls…they like drama and show-off…they never understand simple words of man …without gifts and drama, they not even look at you.’  Other friend said ‘this is all the pompousness of rich and high-society…it’s not for middle class people like us.‘ Most funny person of our group comments “if I would be there at the place of that man…I left that girl and went on from restaurant with other girl…girls and buses always arrive and departs from life…but such foolishness of man stimulate girl’s guts’

Everyone was commenting something about that couple but I remained silent. My attention was grabbed by that eye stunning diamond necklace. Diamond implanted in the necklace, was shining in the dim light like a firefly sparked in moonlight. If someone presents a gift like this how can one refuse. The gleam on girl’s face says all, how much she liked it. I saw an open-eye dream that day, me gifting such a diamond necklace to my girlfriend and she cheers with joy by looking the necklace around her neck; she madly hug me and I hide her under my arms. That day, I decided that I will also gift a diamond necklace someday to my girlfriend.

Dreaming is a natural process but living those dreams in reality doesn’t come without tough resolution and countless efforts. My monthly income is quite limited and it doesn’t allow me to afford such expensive gifts.  So I started working hard and extra time to earn some more income. I worked days and nights without worrying about health or anything. All my expenses and enjoyment have paused and every minute of my day went into earn money. Soon, I got disconnected from entire world…even from my sweetheart too.

Sometime my eyes get slipped from the way and I started missing olden days when I used to enjoy a lot with friends and family. But soon dream to decorate my girlfriend with diamond necklace fleshed into eyes, and I forgot everything and pushed myself again into fire of hard work. Days went on and I became busy in achieving my dream so much, that I started avoiding friends and family. Even I didn’t meet my girlfriend from a long time.

Finally after a long wait, the day arrived when enough amounts deposited in my pocket to purchase diamond necklace. I haven’t met my girlfriend from a long time so I called her and it was all set to meet her with diamond necklace.

I was very excited that day. All my hard work will be paid to me very soon. The moment that I was waiting from long time will be going true in just few moments. My excitement was going higher and higher as rising plane as the moment was coming closer to me…thoughts of love were the only thing cooking in the furnace of head …will she be surprised or happy by looking diamond necklace…may be both…may be she gone mad completely by looking such an expensive gift from me…will she also hands over herself under my arms just like that girl in restaurant…what if she will move a step further and kiss me…what would I do, I don’t have any previous experience of kiss…such kind of thoughts knocking the heart throughout the day.

Finally the moment arrived. With the unconditional love and excitement in heart, and diamond necklace with a bouche of flowers in hands, I was at the place that will be witnessed my dream venturing into reality. I saw her from a distance; she was moving with fast steps toward me. She looked excited but little flummoxed also to me.  I knew that she will surely jump with joy by looking diamond necklace (just like that man’s girlfriend in restaurant), so first thing I did was showing diamond necklace to her. But unfortunately, it didn’t bring smile on her face and even she didn’t look properly at diamond necklace. Rather she dig her eyes on me, moved her hands around my face and asked in trembled voice – ‘how are you…why didn’t you meet me from a long time?

I was very excited and cheerful, but she looked little weird and worried to me. Her face turned yellow when she looked at me. And just contrast my thoughts, she was apprehensively asked about my wellness rather than opening case and grabbing diamond necklace.

Yeah…I am absolutely fine’ I replied and told her all about my dream of gifting diamond necklace to her. My words wet her eyes. Now she was looking little relaxed but intense after knowing about my will.

Do you love me’ she asked.

Yes…off-course’ I replied while wiping her tears from face.

Have you missed me the time when you didn’t meet me?’ She asked.

Yes…a lot’ I replied.

Were you happy by parting me’ she again questioned me.

No…it was very painful’ my throat got chocked for a moment after saying ‘no’.

Than how did you managed?’ she asked.

Hey sweetheart…it was really painful to live away from you.  Initially it didn’t look so hard but as the time passed, I started missing you so much and wanted to give-up such hard work. But my gritty wish to bring a diamond necklace for you kept me on the path of work and work only.’ I told her in soft voice.

Were you really enjoying working like this all the time’ she asked.

Not all the time…there was a limit till that, I enjoy my work. But after that, it was like burden to me.  There were many instances when I felt disappointed and lost. Many times it was so exhausted for me but I worked almost like a machine. I missed you each and every moment but I compromise everything just to gift this diamond necklace to you’ I said.  Stream of tears started flowing from my girlfriend’s eyes when I was saying this and it wet my eyes too this time.

I like you and I really loved your spirit…but my happiness is connected with you…not with any necklace or any other materialistic thing. If you feel happy than it make me glad too. It really doesn’t matter whether you meet me or not every day…if you are enjoying each and every moment, it make my day delighted too. Be passionate like this in achieving dreams…but never forget me again in working for dreams.’ With this statement, she started hugging me madly and her warm hug really made me felt what I lost in achieving diamond necklace.

We spent whole evening together that day. We talked about each other’s wellness, work, daily schedule, future plans, dreams, friends, family, strengths, fear…even about breakfast, boss, movies, humours, childhood days and old memories too. She was very fussy when she came, but now she was piping like a small kid. I found my girlfriend happy and kittenish again at the last; exactly in the spirit that I loved about her. Finally she wore the diamond necklace and I clicked snap of her.

After that incident, I never dig myself so much in any kind of work or drug that it make me forget about my sweetheart. I live to love her, not to miss her. Our love is not decorated with expensive gifts and hard promises…rather it blossomed by the memories that we deposited by enjoying the time spent together. The aim to live each and every moment of my day is very simple – keep my girlfriend in happy and kittenish spirit always. Because today also,  whenever I saw her photo wearing diamond necklace, I felt a strange emptiness in her eyes…may be shine of diamond was little lighter than the pain suffer by my girlfriend after parting me…

Those who forgot or haven’t read my previous post My Girlfriend, let me repeat my girlfriend’s name. Her name is ‘LIFE’ (ZINDAGI). And it really felt me disappointed and lost when I forget her in achieving materialistic gains. Life is not in running behind dreams and working like a machine, but it resides in the moment that we spent with our loved ones. Do watch dreams, and work for make them true in a way that it makes you love the life, not to miss the life.  After all at the end of the day what we really need…just a comfortable sleep…

I jumped from the tree

My 14 year old nephew wrote his first poem. I just re-phrased his words, added few lines and presenting in my blog.

(Poem expresses the emotions of a boy who is just stepping into teenage. He has a dream and he tried to achieve that dream without thinking anything; But all it became a big blunder. What was the stand of his parent, friends, teacher and so called girlfriend on this…let poem reveal it…)

I jumped from the tree to reach the sky
But fell down and began to cry
My mother came and asked why
But my father said nice try.

My buddies laughed on me as much they can
One called me Newton, other said the Superman
I don’t know where then goes the pain
Life looks with friends an easy game

My girlfriend came to meet and I felt shy
But she wished that someday I can fly
My hero is not the one whose courage is dry
But the one who dares and try.

My classmates wondered how I forget about gravity
But my teacher said it’s my courage, not the cavity
When you work to achieve the dreams
You have to swim against the streams.

It’s not just poem, it’s my pray
Love should be served always in heart’s tray
Parents and buddies should be with me all the way
Because life is nothing without them, just a horrible stay.