“Be an angel and save the life”

I used to travel fifty kilometer daily to reach my office. During this time, I meet several people who does the same travelling everyday like me, and this travel provide us enough opportunity to learn and understand the people from spectrum of interesting characters. One of my friends from same group used to take a bottle of petrol with him. I asked him why he carries such a dangerous thing and he replied with very surprising answer. He runs a collection agency and he has to travel a lot due to work. On highways, he finds many bike riders who push their vehicle due to finishing fuel. My friends pour the little amount of petrol into their tank so that their bike can reach at nearest fuel pump. I was not sure whether he is helping many people by this way. However, by travelling with him, I have witnessed that he helped at least one person in every week. His philosophy is very simple -“I don’t have time to search for a needy people and help him, so I started helping the needy person who automatically comes in my way”

I am not suggesting anyone to carry a fuel bottle, but my intention of writing this article is same as my friend’s philosophy – -“Nobody has time to find the needy people, so let’s help the needy person who automatically comes on our way.”

Few of my colleagues at office have done something with similar intention. They have design an app – “Save the Life”. It is a simple app, which asks you about your contact number, location and blood group. By registering in app, you will become the voluntary blood donor. In case, any person in your city or town has emergency requirement of blood, he can contact you by this app. same way you can also find several voluntary blood donor, who can come at your doorstep in just three clicks at this app. However, this dream of my friends can turn into reality only when we have lakhs of voluntary blood donor spreads in every corner of country. That is why I wrote this post; it is my humble request everyone to download this app and become a voluntary blood donor.

India has a blood deficit of 30L units every year. 90 L units are collected every year and out of which 40% is sold (paid donors), 40% is donated by family and friends of needy and only 20% is voluntary.

Blood is not for SALE and we should have 100% voluntary blood donor.

Our Mission –“100% blood donation through Voluntary blood donors and Just in Time availability of donor with just 3 clicks.”

I need your help to spread the word in your acquaintances/groups/alumni network/ Corporate HR or anywhere in your area of influence.

Some assurance about the app “Save The Life” –

  • It will not show any advertisement on your mobile screen
  • It will not steal and sell any of your personal information
  • It will not cost more at phone memory and internet plan. Hardly 3 to 4 MBs download; nothing else.
  • “Save The Life” team is not accepting any funding from anyone

Look forward for all-possible help from everyone and everywhere, so that we can help the needy who automatically come at our way rather than spending energy in finding needy people. Moreover, it will also give us satisfaction that we help a person when he needed our help badly; like my travelling friend who works like an angel for the poor helpless man in dark night, bad weather, blank highway, empty fuel tank and hurry to reach home.

रहे ना ज़रूरत कभी खून को खरीदने की
ज़िंदगी के लिए मानवता को भटकने की…

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