Annagiri against Corruption : Is this a spark of moment or would it be a wildfire

Some days ago, I read an article written by one of my friend  With a disaster comes…In this article, she wish disaster should come frequently in India; because disaster keep patriotic sentiments of Indians alive. Entire India gets united at such incidents to help the survivals and get country out from such disaster. Whether it was Kargil war, Tsunami storm or Mumbai attacks, every trouble make us forget our differences and think about only one thing – our country. We immersed completely in the tri colour emotion and raised our voice in same tempo at such incidents; sometime it was against terrorism and sometime it was to help survivals. I felt the same emotion on 28th August 2011, when Indian government accepted all demands of Shri Anna Hazare and parliament passed the bill to make strong law against corruption. It was the day when I was eagerly surfing news channel websites to know the latest update on the lokpall bill deadlock; and in evening, I noticed that I was not the only person who was waiting for such historic moment. Interesting thing about the day was that I never thought anything except corruption, Lokpal bill and Anna Hazare throughout the day. All my concerns and anxiety related my daily routine and work totally washed out from mind and heart only wished that lokpall bill should pass and corruption should be removed from our country.

It was never happened with me before that I spent full day thinking only about one thing – corruption. About corruption, I always thought that this evil is like old wine, packed in air tight bottles and taste magnifies with the passage of time. And why only I, it might be thinking of many Indians like me; because no one has tried to vanish these old wine bottles before; Most of the people (so called common man) adjusted to live with this poison and few others (so called politician and industrialist) opened these bottles, took few sips of wine, converted into gallons and packed in similar air tight bottles again, so that trend continues. I am sorry to say but yes…I was always thought that no one can stop corruption from our country; but Mr. Anna Hazare proved that my thinking was wrong. He tried his best to crack these wine bottles with bludgeon (stick) of Satyagrah and Gandhigiri. His determination and spirit make me feel that if a single step is taken with honest intention, true heart and great thoughts of social reform than public always supports such revolutionary step; Anna may be alone initially but people joined him with the progress of his movement; first his village joined him, than few intellectual and social activists stood with him; later entire country showed  their support to Anna Hazare in full flash, and finally Indian government also bowed him to fulfil the wish that entire country was requesting with Anna in same voice. Hats-off to Anna, you really make me feel the power of one!!

I have complete faith in Anna Hazare, but there is something that really worried me. Is this Annagiri against corruption is just a spark of a moment or it would be a wildfire. Whether it make any impact on the mentality of people or this revolutionary movement will become a part of history like world cup win of Indian Cricket team in 2011; we enjoyed the match in day, celebrated the historic moment of world cup win in night and next day everything was over; Even the next day we were complaining for the dirt and dust, we spread all over roads during the celebration of world cup win in night. I indeed think that Anna courage should not go into trash without affecting attire and mentality of Indian public and politics.

To understand my concern more clearly, we need to find answer of certain questions – why Anna is fighting and how his movement gained so much attention of public. Anna is a common man who wants to remove corruption from the country. On the way of his mission of removing corruption, he found that there is need of strong law and order against corruption. He made his larger than life effort to force government to discuss and pass strong lokpall bill so that it protects people from spreading corruption. So this is the reason of Anna’s movement – simple and clear. Now let’s have a look at the second question – How Anna’s movement got so much attention of public? I must give full credit to Indian government for it. Indian government was already at the gunpoint on corruption issue before Anna’s movement. CWG scam, 2G spectrum, Adarsh housing society….list is too long to mention the corruption scams of ruling party leaders; and the most disgusting thing is that government was not doing anything to protect such incidents and punish guilty leaders. Now let’s have a look at opposition parties. Opposition parties…they were not able to portrait the real picture in front of public and also failed in pressurising government to take strong action against it. But why opposition parties have to do so…after all they are also sailing in the same boat in which ruling party flows. Everything they want was just the resignation of ruling party and election again, so that they will get a chance to command and rule this boat.

During such environment, a courageous warrior came from public and started protesting to support a strong law in the form of Lokpal bill to punish guilty person and protect such scams in future. Suddenly this brave man draws everyone’s attention. Few social activists, artist and other intellectual person also joined him in this fight. Media spreads his message in every village, town and city of country. Now this is also very interesting question – why media made hand shake with Hazare? …Kareena Kapoor has not changed her boyfriend from a long time, Indian cricket team is continuously loosing in England, Government is working in passive mode and opposition parties are completely inactive….there was no issue left that media could sell at that time. During such time, Anna’s courage got media’s focus; media broadcasted everything about Anna to every corner of nation – his life, mission, message and movement. Anna became larger than life figure in just few days. Intentionally or unintentionally, with business mind or for the sake of professional responsibility and social awareness, media indeed did a tremendous job and once again proved that electronic and print media are an integral part of any revolution.

Now the most important question comes in picture…Why public or so called common man supported him. Indian public has learnt to adjust their life with corrupt people and corrupt mentality; but this old wine pains in every heart. This is other thing that we trend our mind in such a manner that it blocked all signals of this pain. That’s why we never did anything to treat this pain…and reason is very simple… “Why should I?” But Anna Hazare is not the person who think so…his thought is “first me…I must do something to cure the pain inside my heart”. He stepped to cure such pain in the form of a big movement. He started fast to pressurise government to make strong law that treat his pain. Suddenly every Indian started feeling same pain. Pain…that was there inside every Indian heart over the years but no one did anything to cure it. Common man saw himself in Anna and came on roads to support him. Due to such support from public, Indian government finally discussed and passed bill in parliament with all amendments that team Anna suggested.

Parliament passed the bill, Anna broke his eleven days long fast, we cherished and celebrated the moment and everything was over. Anna become the hero, a tag that he indeed deserved; Ruling party is taking the benefit of the fact that they respected Indian public’s wish and took the decision after the mutual agreement with everyone, the way in which an ideal government of democratic country should work; opposition parties are trying to prove this fact that they put public’s point in parliament and forced government to make strong lokpal bill against corruption; Media…media already got the applause from everyone for spreading Anna’s message to masses and drawing public’s attention to such a sensitive issueMedia also made enough money by selling Anna story and updates during whole tantrum. Team Anna, Indian government, opposition parties and media… everyone was benefited by this movement but what common man got by this Anna episode of Indian political history. We supported Anna, celebrated his victory, clapped and saluted him and everything is over. Did we really take any lesson from whole chapter? Does Anna alarm really wake up us against corruption or we just opened eyes, welcomed and saluted rising sun of dawn and again closed eyes by forgetting everything like a beautiful midnight dream?… Does lokpal bill will be design, implement, deploy and execute in a way it should be… Does the lokpal bill just sufficient to remove the corruption from our country?…This question really fuss me. I am worried as this corruption wine is flowing in our blood vessel from the several years…and this mentality becomes a part of our life. No law can change the mentality of people. Lokpal bill could be able to punish corrupt people but it could not be able to protect people for making corruption or giving/taking bribe until and unless people change their mentality.

To make this point more clear, we again need to dig into Anna’s mission. Anna’s mission is very clear – make India corruption free country.  During his fight against corruption, he found the need of strong law against corrupt people and urged government to discuss and pass lokpal bill in parliament. Due to apathetically of Indian government, Anna had to do struggle for forcing government to fulfil his demand. He put his point against Indian government by the ways of Satyagrah and fast. Fortunately public started supported him in full flash as common man was also annoyed with government due to corruption scams like CWG and 2G spectrum. And unfortunately the entire game became Anna v/s Indian government instead of Anna v/s corruption. Anna is against corruption; any person who supports corruption directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally…Anna is against him. I gave bribe to local policeman for issuing my passport file, so I have also supported corruption and I am equally responsible for supporting corruption as Mr. Manmohan Singh. Anna’s fight is against me and millions of people like me who are silent victim of corruption. You must have watched the movie ‘Tiranga’, there was a scene in the movie in which few police constables try to catch Nana Patekar in court room and Nana Patekar said that touch me iff you haven’t take bribe from anyone ever. If Anna Hazare repeat the same dialog in Ramlila maidan : come and join me only if you haven’t give/take bribe ever, than believe me there were only few people would be there with Anna. Anna Hazare’s movement indeed make us think that we can create a corruption free country. If I denied giving bribe to local policeman on that day than he might think for a while, when ask for bribe to others next time. No… but I hadn’t done like that and allowed his courage for making corruption. Now this is the time to change this mentality, it’s the time to say no to corruption at individual level.  If we haven’t change this time than Anna’s courageous effort will become a part of history, we just clapped, saluted, celebrated and cherished at the moment but didn’t do anything to change from our side. Decision is now on us: awake and change something or be spectacular of Anna chapter of Indian history.

Now at the last, most important question comes – what should I do to stop corruption. Here are four rules that I created for myself, if you are agree with it, you can include these in your life style. If you are not agree with it, you can do something different to remove corruption at your level; but it’s a request to all – do something this time, don’t be just spectacular.

  1. Say No to corruption – Will not give bribe to any government or public workers and also will not accept bribe from anyone for any work. This awareness should be there at every individual level. And yes…I will not monitor anyone for it and not let others monitor me …will just make sure that I am not involving in any activity that support corruption directly or indirectly. I strongly believe if I reform myself than entire world will be reformed automatically.
  2. Follow rules and regulations – Will follow all rules and regulations set by Indian constitution for me. Will follow traffic rules, railway reservation rules, and every rule set by government of my country. In India, there is a phrase, ‘if you have ‘money’ and ‘Jugad’ in your pocket than law, order, rules and regulations are not made for you.’ I will change it for myself; if I have money – I will keep it in my pocket; if I have ‘Jugad’ – I will develop my relations in some other way. I will go with process at everywhere for every work – railway reservation, passport office, municipal corporation everywhere.
  3. Use voting right honestly – I will give my vote to right candidate. If I am not satisfied with any candidate than I will give my vote to ‘no candidate’. If major portion of population of the area vote for ‘no candidate’ than election will get dismissed and next time when election happen, political parties have to select new candidates for election. Most of the people don’t aware about such facts and give their vote to anyone; in this manner corrupt people get elected and sit on the top of us. I will change it; I will give my vote to right candidate in next election.
  4. Be honest – This is most important point because corruption is a state of mind, an attribute of my character. I don’t want this attribute anymore so I am choosing honesty. I will remain true and honest with my work, parent, colleagues, friends, family members and everyone around me. I will make honesty as prime attribute of my character.

So that’s all about my analysis and resolution from Anna episode. I request all my readers to share this message with everyone. If you are agree with me than you can follow these four rules. If you are not agree than you can do something different…but please…please…please do something this time…for respectable Anna Hazare, for loving India and for our future generation!!!

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